Nistronics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.

Nistronics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.

China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)

Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.)

Industrial electronics/Industrial Control | Communication systems | Consumer Electronics | Computers & Peripherals | Automotive electronics and EV | Electricity and New Energy | Aviation & Space technology | Lighting engineering | Household appliance

Company Profile

Nistronics(Jiangxi)co.,Ltd. is located in Yichun city of Jiangxi province which named “National ecological garden city”. Our company is a high-tech enterprises professional engaged in developing and manufacturing of all kinds of film capacitor. Formal operation began in September 2005, after ten years of marketing efforts, already become outstanding enterprises in the industry with customers in domestic and foreign.
Company persists in “Be perfect and strong core industry”strategy, make quality as the foundation, advocate”craftsman’s spirit”,insist on customer and market demands oriented concept of innovation development. Relying on Nistronics constructed municipal”film capacitor engineering technology research center”, we invest a large sums of money to develop new products, new equipment each year , now have made a lager number of scientific research achievements, constantly bring new products to the market every year. At present, the company production equipment automantion rate is above 90%. To ensure high quality, high efficiency and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the enterprise always maintain strong competitiveness in the industry.

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