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PCBs, other circuit carriers and EMS

Industrial electronics | Communication systems | Consumer Electronics | Computers & Peripherals | Automotive industry | Medical technology | New energy | Aviation & Space technology | Mechanical engineering | Rail transit | Security & protection system | Lighting engineering | Intelligent building | Household appliance | Internet of Things (IoT)

Company Profile

With over 10 years of steady development, focusing on the idea of "Connecting Future", ASKPCB successfully issued A-Share (stock code: 002913) in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 1st December,
2017. ASKPCB became a shareholding enterprise with four business entities known as Aoshikang Technology Co Ltd, Aoshikang Precision Circuit(Huizhou)Co Ltd, Aoshikang Technology(Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, and Shenzhen Seegem Industrial Co, Ltd. With our management concept of "Fairness, Teamwork, Innovation, Details"ASKPCB continually maintain leadership in the industry and attract talents globally. The advantages make ASKPCB become one of the trustworthy PCB partners for electronic industry. Our product are widely used for various applications, such as data
storage, communication networking, automotive, industrial control, energy, consumer etc with worldwide coverage of Asia, Europe, Americas, gained favor of top 500 enterprises HAWEI, Lenovo,
Foxconn, MOBIS, Samsung and etc.
ASKPCB invested more than 728 million USD over the years with total capacity of 11.12 million square meters per year(incl in-plan). With mindset of "One design center, Two production bases, Global deliveries", combine wtih our professional teams of manufacturing, marketing and management to provide our partner around the world with high quality products and excellent service. ASKPCB is becoming a sparkling star in the PCB industry.

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