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Company Profile

Guangdong Champion Asia is a modern high-tech enterprise which established in 1998 and major work on PCB(Printed Circuit Board) development, production and sales. Guangdong Champion Asia Electronics Co.,Ltd. and Longnan Champion Asia Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. are the PCB subsidiaries of company and Huizhou Champion Asia Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. and Longnan Champion Asia Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. are the SMT & Assembly subsidiaries of company. Beside that, company still has Zhuhai Champion Asia Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. which just registered.
Guangdong Champion Asia Electronics Co.,Ltd. established in 2005. It has been recognized as the National Hi-tech Enterprise which professional at PCB development and production. Company locate in National Digital Industrial Park, Sandong Town, Huizhou city, Guangdong province with convenient transportation, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. Plant specializing in the manufacturing of high-density double-sided and multilayer PCB with capacity 1.2million square feet per month and mainly used in Consumer electronics, Network communication equipment, Car electronics, Energy and Industrial control etc. Company is focus on new product research and development and has been entitled engineering research and development center in Guangdong province, it own lots of certificate of utility model patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.
Longnan Champion Asia Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2013 and was the major foreign-invested project in Jiangxi province. Company locate in National economic and technical development zone of Longnan, covering an area of 320,000 square meters, total investment is 1.2 billion RMB and annual value of production will be 4.0 billion per year after fully production. The construction was separated by six module and the capacity of each module is 1 million square feet per month. The first module constructed at December 2013 and put into production at March 2015. Plant specializing in the manufacturing of double-sided and multilayer PCB which include FR4 PCB/ Aluminum PCB/Flexible PCB/HDI PCB/Rigid-Flex PCB etc.
Zhuhai Champion Asia Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company which just registered in March 2018 with registered capital 15 million US dollar and the total investment amount no less than 0.3 billion US dollar. The establishment of Zhuhai subsidiary will take full advantage of company, optimize company product structure, and improve profitability after combine the regional advantage of Zhuhai city and Fushan industrial park.
Champion Asia has a series of advanced PCB production equipments which include Schmoll drilling machine imported from Germany, Vigor automatic vacuum lamination machine, Commend plating line, Automatic low-pressure S/M spray line, CCD Automatic Alignment Exposing Machine, Universal surface treatment, Automatic inspection machine, Advanced physical/chemical Lab with well-equipped facilities, Intermediate Water Recycling system with 1200m3 each day. Champion Asia passed the CQC,ISO14001:2004,ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System Certification, all products are in line with EU RoHS directive and introduced a series of advanced international quality management of other certifications.
Champion Asia is always adhering to the business concepts of “ People first, Credit based, Excellent innovation, Sustainable management ” and the quality policy of “Customer foremost, Quality first”, build up the long term cooperation with lots of famous customers all over the world such as Flextronics/Emerson/Honeywell/ Whirlpool/LG from overseas and CVTE/Skyworth/Changhong/AOC/TCL/BYD/Mi from domestic.
Look into the future, Champion Asia will continue beyond ourselves to create more value and offer superior service to our customer as always.

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